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PermaWall is the trade name for the Island Concrete manufacturing process of integrating 4000 psi concrete, steel studs, rebar, steel fasteners and polystyrene foam insulation into patented precast panels that are assembled to form the walls of a residence or commercial structure. Island Concrete has licensed its method of manufacturing wall panels from Royall Wall, Inc. of Florida. The Royall Wall concept was chosen because of its proven twenty-year record of building superior, hurricane-tested homes which are energy efficient, fire resistant and virtually termite proof.

Manufacturing, Transporting, and Installing Panels

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PermaWall Advantages

Island Concrete Manufacturing Systems, LLC has the exclusive right to manufacture this patented wall panel system in the State of Hawaii. Our first plant, located at the Hawaiian Cement Quarry in Central Maui, has the capacity to manufacture wall panels for five average size homes per week, with plans to expand to eight homes per week. PermaWall is the Hawaii trade name for a building system developed in Florida. It is time tested and widely accepted as the preferred building system in south Florida. This system brings many advantages to the Developer, Contractor and Homeowner:

* The wall panels are delivered to the jobsite ready to install. The exterior wall panels for an average one story 2,000 sq ft home, requires a single day to install and is ready for the installation of roof trusses and sheathing.

* An average single story home can be ready for roofing and Stucco in seven to ten days after the slab is poured.

* After the walls are installed and roof is framed and sheathed. The building is ready for stucco, allowing for the project to look as finished as it is.

* This system is jobsite friendly minimizing on site storage needs for lumber.

* This system has much less waste minimizing land fill fees and trucking charges.

* The walls have little to no cavities which minimize insect nesting and infiltration.

* The masonry walls are very durable and appropriate for our tropical environment.

* The panels are architecturally friendly, allowing for large door and window openings with no additional cost.

* The system allows for the use of unskilled labor with skilled lead men providing layout and quality control. This keeps the labor cost down while still providing employment opportunities in our community. Something off shore pre-manufactured homes do not do.